Why mobile technology could boost guest bookings

Why mobile technology could boost guest bookings: We all know that your online presence is an invaluable asset to business. But did you know that harnessing the power of mobile technology and applying that to your guest’s website experience, could be the key to more bookings?

Mobility access for hotels

In a recent US survey, an incredible 90% of hotel experts concluded that mobile technology was essential to creating better guest relations and repeat bookings. However, the same survey also revealed that only 68% of hoteliers were confident enough to implement such measures.

What does that mean exactly? Well, while we all understand the importance of a decent website and SEO, flexibility and ease of access can be overlooked. But ultimately, failing invest in mobility access for guests, is failing to cater to their needs.

Mobile user internet access

These days, mobiles are an essential part of everyday life. In 2018, a study showed that on average, 52% of internet users accessed online sites via their mobile phone. Furthermore, the number is increasing on an exponential basis.

That means your online presence needs not only to be informative, but interactive too. While this seems as though it might be a large investment, simply to satisfy customer needs, you can turn this mobile tech phenomenon into an asset for business.

For example, one of the reasons why Amazon is so hugely successful, is that it makes life easier for users. Convenience is key. The less stress and effort generated by a certain service, the more popular that service will be. Using this principle, hoteliers can examine all aspects of their business and figure out what they can provide for guests, directly via mobile channels.

Bookings via mobiles

Something as simple as booking a spa treatment online, via the responsive website, is one such option. But why not extend this to encompass all services available in your hotel property? If booking your spa treatments while lounging by the pool is supremely convenient, how about extending that to the snack bar, the restaurants, the taxi service and so on. Guest experiences are essential in building loyalty. And loyalty, when it comes to the current hotel industry, is in short supply.

Giant commission-hungry booking engines (OTAs) are running roughshod over small and large hotel chains alike. It’s a struggle to survive when prices become the bargaining chip on bookings, as oppose to experience.

Guest loyalty and data

However, not only does mobility improve guest experience, it also gives hotels a better opportunity to gather data on guest. Targeted online campaigns can be far more effective if you know your audience well. Mobility enables hotels to gather real-time information on customers, and then use that knowledge when re-targeting online.

Greg Webb, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Hospitality; explains; “It’s clear that hotels need to provide mobile innovations to meet the requirements of today’s savvy consumers, yet some haven’t started their mobile journey. Customers want to be able to engage with brands wherever they are – booking a room from their child’s soccer game or ordering drinks while sitting poolside at the hotel. The properties that can’t deliver these kinds of mobile experiences will quickly lose to those that can make the engagement simple and seamless for their customers.’




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