SIX tips for more secure air travel

SIX tips for more secure air travel: Budget air travel is more popular than ever before. The price makes it right for businesses that require employees to fly on a regular basis. It’s also great for families who have budget requirements on travel.

But, the one thing we can all agree on is the inconvenience of the luggage quandary. Budget airlines have strict regulations on baggage – and very often. Travelling with all your luggage as in-flight bags is the only way to make adequate savings on your air travel.

However, this brings with it certain challenges, from what to pack to managing your valuables in-flight.

Check out our air travel guide to savvy and secure luggage.

  • Selecting essential items

Take your time when deciding what to pack – especially if it’s a trip for several days. Make a pile of clothes you think are appropriate and leave them beside the open suitcase for three to four days before you travel. When it comes to packing time, you’ll know y this time, which outfits you can take and leave.

  • Pack strategically

Space is at a premium, so be organized. Use dividers in your bag to separate your belongings and to allow easy access to them. You’ll be using this bag in-flight so might need to retrieve things. The better your packing, the easier this will be.

  • Pack the night before

Science shows us that this interesting little tidbit can allow you a little bit more room in your suitcase. This is because when you first pack, there will be approximately eight per cent of additional space taken up with oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Let your clothes ‘settle’ over night and the next day, you will have more room to pack any additional items.

  • Place your suitcase into the bag sizer, upside down

There is a very good reason for this. Heavy items are usually packed first. That means placing the bag in the bag sizer upside down will help compress the entire size a little. This is obviously more effective with soft suitcases. That additional couple of centimeters can make all the difference to your travel budget though.

  • Be security conscious

One of the problems with budget airlines is the luggage security for passengers. The last thing you want is to arrive at your hotel and then find your most valuable possessions have been quietly removed during the flight. Because most people only take in flight baggage on budget airlines, items like valuable jewelry aren’t stored in the hold. You might think it’s safer to have your bag with you. But think about it. If it’s stashed in the locker above your head, and you dose for a portion of the flight, you’d have no reason to suspect anyone rifling through the locker too.

Unfortunately, this is actually a ‘thing’. So, a good way to prevent it from happening is of course, to avoid travelling with valuables unless completely necessary. And if it’s unavoidable, carry them about your person. To ensure your bag is safer, place it in a locker opposite your seat. This way, you can easily see what someone is doing if they open up your locker.

  • Take your belongings to the bathroom

Yes, it’s not ideal – but again, it’s a question of security. You don’t want someone else either removing – or even worse – putting something extra – into your travel bags. So even though it’s annoying, if you are travelling alone and don’t have someone to watch your possessions, take them with you. This is another reason to be vigilant about how much you pack. Nobody wants to take a trip to the bathroom with a huge holdall.

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