London’s first ‘iceberg’ hotel to open June 2020

An “iceberg” hotel will be opening in London’s West End

A brand new hotel with a unusual construction will be opening in London in summer 2020. The Iceberg Hotel, known formerly as The Londoner Hotel in Leicester Square, will accommodate more guests under the ground, than it will above street level.

Standing approximately 30 metres above the ground, the property will have cavernous, underground accommodation too, earning it the nickname ‘iceberg’. Icebergs typically only show 10 to 15% on their volume above the water.

Hotel underground

The Londoner Hotel will have six levels underground – and the project is the deepest subterranean construction project central London has ever seen. While the majority of rooms will be above the ground, the basement levels will accommodate a vast variety of luxury facilities for guests to use, including a giant ballroom with space for over 800 people, a large swimming pool, a gym, nail salon, hairdresser, barber and two cinemas.

With such impressive facilities, The Londoner hopes to attract large scale events such as weddings and launches.

Owners of the new property decided going underground was their best option, as planning regulations in central London mean building heights are severely restricted.

The subterranean levels will have a ballroom accommodating up to 864 people sitting down, seven private meeting rooms, a spa, 15-metre swimming pool and gym, hair and nail salon, barber shop and two private screening rooms.

Unique design

Commercial development manager, Iype Abraham, said: “We wanted to create a boutique hotel that was grand in size but boutique in experiences and that meant we had to include various guest offerings. There was only one way to do that and that was to go down.”

The Londoner Hotel will cost in total, £300 million to complete.  The deepest basement levels will house staff and workspace as well as laundry rooms. Above the ground, the 350-room property will boast a 2,500 square foot penthouse suite – priced at a hefty £10,000 per night. Other recreational spaces will accommodate a purpose-built whiskey room, a roof terrace, a pub and a restaurant. Rooms per night will cost the average guest £500.

The Edwardian experience

Edwardian Hotels, which own the development and will be responsible for management of The Londoner, describe themselves as dynamic, independent and thriving on providing luxury services. Founded in 1977 by Indian business tycoon, Jasminder Singh OBE, the are responsible for the development of the some of the world’s leading, luxury hotels.

They currently have 14 hotel properties in their portfolio, and The Londoner will be the 15th.

If paying £500 per night is beyond your budget, you can still appreciate the atmosphere and engineering feats of The Londoner by visiting one of two Odeon cinemas, located in the hotel’s basement.

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