Hotels in Cornwall receive some of the most bizarre guest requests in the UK

The Travelodge recently revealed some of it’s most colourful requests from its 590 properties worldwide in 2019. But the South West and Cornwall was the destination where the most challenging tasks were asked of the guest relations managers.

The hotel industry in general is one of service. And so, the better the guest relations requests are managed, usually, the better the reviews and the return visits. Creating a hospitality environment that nurtures guests and makes hotel stays memorable, are key in ensuring more direct bookings and guest loyalty. However, some guests can ask the impossible. And Cornwall seems to illicit more strange requests than any other destination.

The top five requests from Cornwall guest are as follows:

  • Could a 3pm display be put on for us by the wild dolphins?
  • Where do you suggest we go to see The Beast Of Bodmin Moor?
  • Can my room be turned into a beach? (No context was provided for this request – perhaps because the guest relations manager was too shocked to ask for one)
  • Can you write the words ‘Will you Marry Me’ on the beach sand – and then get the dolphins to dance in the background?
  • Will we see Adam and Eve in the Eden Gardens?


How to make guests happy

But these requests pale in comparison to the most incredible requests UK-wide. A spokesperson for Travelodge said: “Every year we receive around 19 million guests and our teams receive thousands of interesting requests,” they said.

In fact, in 2018, a guest asked if ‘they could get a raft of ducks to sleep, if they could halt traffic on the m25, and if they could get a rainbow to appear at a certain time in the afternoon, so that a man could propose to his girlfriend.

“Where possible, our hotel teams will go above and beyond to help customers, and they relish a good challenge,” the spokesperson explained.

Recently, the trend for original proposals has meant even more interesting guest requirements. One Thurrock guest asked for a ‘unicorn-shaped paddle-boat,’ while another request stated that the guest wanted to see the Northern Lights.

Good hospitality service

While some of these requests are clearly not possible, it’s heartening to read that chains like Travelodge are conscientious enough to try their best – even if the challenge seems incredible.

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