Hotel décor: The world’s first ‘half and half’ hotel suite is revealed

Hotel décor: In the spirit of diversity, one hotel in London has put their money where their décor is, and opened the world’s first ‘half and half’ hotel room.
The Curtain Hotel, located in Shoreditch, London, has literally split a large hotel suite down the middle as a living interiors installation. Named ‘So Extra, So Chic’, the space incorporates a ‘zany’, eclectic and artist style with chic, minimalist elegance. Even the bed is divided down the middle. So depending on your personality, you can choose the appropriate side to sleep in.
The hotel suite was created after took a poll and discovered that the vast majority of guests would opt for an overtly opulent style of hotel décor if they had a limitless budget. Other wish-list items included statement standalone bathtubs and walk-in wardrobes. Slightly further down the list was intelligent lighting and climate control.
The ‘Extra’ side of the suite was designed by celebrity stylist, Johnny Wujek – who unsurprisingly styles Katy Perry’s eccentric ensembles. However, the chic side of the hotel suite, has been created by Kaitlyn Ham – a fashion influencer and consultant.

Inspiring hotel decor

Features in the room include loud, floral prints, golden ornaments, a fluorescent mini-bar, and primate light-fittings. By contrast, the other side of the room, named chic, utilizes calming, monotone colours, clean, uncluttered lines and minimal ornamentation.
Wujek, who is well known for his eccentric styling habits, said of the project: “I wanted my side of the room to feel exciting and ‘extra’ but also comfy and cosy. It’s a touch of overgrown Great Expectations with a dash of California casual. Style is all about self-expression and, clearly, I have a lot to express. Baby, you better stand out in this world.”
Meanwhile, Ham, who’s work always expresses calm chic and elegance, said contemporary lines were her main inspiration. She explained: “I took inspiration from modern mid-century design to create a space that feels open and calming. All the pieces were chosen for their style and functionality with a focus on quality. The space should feel modern and light yet have an inviting warmth that makes it feel like home.”

FOUR hotel decor tips

Need some inspiration in creating your own statement suites? The following tips are from top industry designers who have developed the look and feel of the world’s leading hotel properties.

  • Use fabric on the walls instead of paper. This brings a sumptuous element of luxury to any room. As well as the feel it provides, you will avoid the cookie-cutter standard look in hotel wall decor. Select a single wall for fabrication, creating a signature space.
  • Bring the outside in. That means using elements of nature to personalize the room space. Hotel rooms can become very similar and soulless – especially for business travelers who find themselves frequently booked into chain-style hotels. Select plants that cleanse and purify the air, as well as adding to the decor. Select artwork with a natural slant to break up the boring interior lines. Remember, it’s often the small touches that make the difference. Complementary cushions on the beds, which reflect the artwork, will provide a sense of continuity.
  • Don’t be afraid to go dark – with the paintwork that is. A stunning, navy blue wall in an otherwise well-lit room can be a memorable statement. If you don’t find a wall paper or fabric design to taste, consider a wall decal. This can create a dramatic and memorable effect.
  • Glam up the bathrooms. Very often, this space is the one that can wow your guests the most. The bathroom should feel luxurious and sumptuous. Many hotels are now ditching the single-use plastic toiletries. So, follow their lead and provide your guests with luxury bathroom products in reusable containers and eco-friendly packaging. Soap-bar shampoos to take away, moisturizing shea-butter bars, bamboo toothbrushes and more, will provide a trendy, sustainable living feel.

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