Futuristic Japanese hotel is taking Scotland by storm

Meet the Yotel – Edinburgh’s latest hospitality addition. Unlike traditional hotels, the Yotel, which opened it’s doors earlier this month, is possibly one of the most unusual properties the UK has seen. In fact, it’s been so well received, that another Yotel is also expected to make a debut in Glasgow later this year.

Using Japanese innovations to streamline interiors and create a unique guest experience, the Yotel is making waves on the hospitality scene.

Recent reports have suggested that hotels are concentrating on offering a much more tech-smart service to guests. Modifications include climate-controlled rooms and smart lighting. Some properties are even providing an Alexa for each room, and better integrated mobile tech for guests. But the Yotel goes several steps further than this.

For those of you who are familiar with the Japanese hotel capsule concept, this is the kind of tech we’re describing. While the Yotel offers proper-sized rooms and not actual capsules, the facilities on site are remarkably similar.

Referred to a ‘hotel cabins’ rather than rooms, the Yotel investors have spared no expense when it comes to producing a fully integrated smart hotel experience.

For example, there is a specially designed SmartBed in ever ‘cabin’ created just for the Yotel concept. Fully adjustable and dressed with luxury bed linen and a gel memory foam mattress, these rooms are a far cry from Tokyo’s minimalist capsules.

Those staying at the Yotel can also enjoy rain showers, mood lighting and smart televisions. Super-fast WiFi, heated towel rails, laptop-sized safes, purified water and silent air conditioning, all create a unique user experience. Couple this with the sleek, contemporary design, and the Yotel ids a winner when it comes to zen guest comforts.

Futuristic check-ins

But the streamlined concept doesn’t just begin at the doors of the cabins. The Yotel has extended these Japanese themed principles throughout all hotel areas. The check in will be your first experience of a stay in any hotel. If you’re tired and flagging from a long journey, the last place you want to be hanging out in queues is the hotel reception. You want to get to the privacy of your room, dump your bags and take a shower maybe. At the Yotel, there are 24/7 accessible check in cubicles that you can enter, book in your own details and be given your room key.

To further enhance the futuristic experience, reception is also called Mission Control. It’s here that you can order additional towels and book other services.

Business meeting rooms

While the Yotel offers family accommodation in the form of large suite-style rooms, it also caters well to the business visitor. The two meating rooms provide state-of-the-art technology, including panoramic projectors for presentations and more.

The Komyuniti

When you first see that word, you wonder if you’ve stepped into the pages of a Japanese comic book. But, say the word out loud, and you’ll understand it’s meaning Komyuniti refers to the communal area which has been designed to encourage better social flow and integration of guests. This is the central hub of the hotel, where you can enjoy uniquely Asian dishes and can hang out at the bar too.

What the Yotel shows us, is that creativity is not dead. And something unique for guests can always be presented. These days, the hospitality industry requires an additional push to improve guest relations and encourage direct bookings, which have been hijacked by OTAs. It’s essential that experiences deliver more to guests than an expected level of services. To be memorable, is to be revisited.

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