FIVE WAYS to market your hotel through social media

Marketing your hotel through social media is one of the most effective ways of increasing bookings through online traffic to your website. It’s also great exposure for your property because it creates brand recognition. But creating brand awareness when there is so much competition out there, really isn’t easy. You need a strategy for your social media marketing. Read on for tips on how to get your property noticed online.


1 Personality should shine through

Your hotel could be absolutely stunning. But hold fire on those staged room pictures for your online marketing. The elements that will make your property stand out won’t just be the pared back styling and the gorgeous, natural light. The aspect that will make your property pop on social media, is its personality. That’s because stunning hotel rooms really are everywhere. But your hotel will gain merits on its character rather than it looks. Are you eco-friendly and sustainable? Does your property have any unusual wildlife around it? Perhaps you host some interesting events in your annual calendar? It’s the authentic, real-life experiences that will sell your property best online.


2 Pictures with a difference

As stated earlier, stunning hotel rooms are two a penny. Personality speaks volumes. So take the time to create content that reflects what life in your property is actually like, every day. The posts should tell a likewise story. Talk about how you use local producers to create your signature dishes. Mention the herb garden that grows entirely organically. If your chefs specialise in wedding cakes, show that skill on your newsfeed. Your staff is the heart of your property. Their presence in the social media content brings your hotel an authenticity and story that is unique.


3 Utilize influencers and bloggers

PR isn’t just about the big news outlets and magazines. Now it’s much more about getting real people to tell your story. Pick a handful of reputable travel bloggers with a strong online presence and following. Invite them for a stay at your property in exchange for reviews and coverage. These agreements can and should be professionally handled with specifications in terms of where you’d like coverage – on their vlog or blog, and how many posts (a minimum number) you expect them to produce during their stay. In exchange, their stay and food and beverage bill will be covered. In turn, though, you won’t have control over whether they enjoy or dislike their stay – and whether the coverage is negative or not. It is a gamble. You are essentially inviting a reviewer to stay. But if you do your research and pick wisely, the return investment can be excellent online exposure of your brand to their audience.


4 Make the most of your locale

And that means including your local community in your plans. Members of the local community, if they like your property and philosophy, will recommend you to visitors as the place to stay. It’s a reputation that can only be created by creating a positive relationship with your locale. So get the local community on your side. Offer deals for charity events that support the community – and advertise those events on your property’s social media. If you are hosting an event for Cancer Research, put it out there on the newsfeed. Again it’s part of your brand’s personality.  It shows you understand what is important.


5 Be aware of other local businesses

Where it’s a tour guide company, or a local petting farm and café, form a relationship with them – and support them through your social media content too. That way, when you have an event upcoming, you can ask them to do the same. It’s also important that your property is presented in context to its community and surrounding area. You will attract bookings, not just because you have a superb property, but because the local area is a fun place to visit. The local amenities available, are as important as your in-house facilities. For example, a family might choose another location, based on the number of activities available to children in the area. Leverage those elements and use them to increase your own bookings.


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